Why the Mesa County Committee of Correspondence is important and timely

Your humble webmaster says the following as a pro-self-ownership individual who firmly believes in both the moral correctness and sustainability of free markets, both of ideas and goods and services.

Capital stole Labor long ago. How that was done is set forth in an essay titled "On the Deception of Money: How 'Capital' Has Stolen Labor".

The bottom line is that Labor is ignorant in the subjects such as Economics 101, Politics 101, Government 101 and Law 101. One of the goals of the Mesa County Committee of Correspondence is the help cure those deficiencies.

Unfortunately, Labor naively and gullibly believes far too much of the self-serving spin and lies of Capital (aka "Good Old Boys). (At this point it must be noted that, in its present incarnation, the word "capital" has become such an unspecific capable-of-opposite-purposes word that it is basically useless for any type of intellectually honest communication.)

"Economic development" is another bogus term meaning opposites, depending on whether one is talking about the top-down economics — where local Good Old Boys (who usually control the local politics) get grants, bonds, "certificates of participation" and such, ultimately flowing down from the magic (FED/IRS) money tree owned by the transnational, neo-feudalistic global debt-as-money oligarchs — or whether one is talking about bottom-up economics where small businesses make, sell at a profit to willing buyers, and export (thereby bringing outside money into the local community) products useful to humans.

Way back in July 4, 1989, I wrote an opinion piece titled "Gigantic Tax Increases" in the second issue of a pamphlet I called "Common Sense" in honor of Thomas Paine. Especially in view of the moral and intellectual fraud known by the popular euphemism "Obamacare" — which will increase the cost of health care by some $7,500 per family per year — that piece proved prophetic. I will paraphrase most of it here as a solution to the local — remember, as Tip O'Neill once famously said, "all politics is local" — "Good Old Boy" problem we have here in Mesa County.

THE PROBLEM: It's time to do something concrete and effective about Mesa County's crisis in government. One can begin to get a handle on the problem by watching what happens as various small groups of citizen/victims of organized government injustice and lawlessness, one by one, beat their heads against the brick wall of "the system" while everyone else sits back wishing them good luck but offering precious little (if any) effective help. We all seem to feel about the other person's problems, "I think s/he's right, but it's not my fight."

It may be that folks may never be willing to actually risk their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor in what they perceive to be the "other guy's" fight, but surely all reasonable people can agree that everyone deserves a fair and impartial public hearing. After all, if "the people" are ultimately responsible for the way justice is administered, don't we have the right to know the truth about what is really going on, and about what the public's so-called "servants" are really doing? Surely all reasonable people can agree that the establishment media's transparent attempts to create, mold, manipulate, and control public opinion for the private financial benefit of a self-anointed elite must somehow be opposed.

Back in the days of the Declaration of Independence, when King George's media were constantly distorting the truth and misrepresenting the facts about events and people of that time, Samuel Adams and company knew they had to find a way to get the truth out to the people. The Founders knew that whenever the press takes a less than unbiased stance, it is all but impossible to secure a fair hearing for all sides of any important issue. They knew that an uninformed or misinformed opinion is not truly a representative opinion, and a vote resulting from such an opinion is not truly a representative vote. Simply put, the founding fathers and mothers were faced with the same problem we have in Mesa County today: How do we get the whole truth out to the people (aka "voters")?

The Founders invented and implemented the Committees of Correspondence. Common Sense proposes we re-establish the Committees of Correspondence.

The Mesa County Committee of Correspondence (M.C.C.C.) is a 1st Amendment grassroots online "Common-Sense"-type political and educational news pamphlet founded to help create a local "people network" that will be able to function effectively in getting the truth out to the people (voters) when mass communication channels are unavailable. By participating in a modern committee of correspondence, any person can take a small but very effective part in "the other guy's fight," and in so doing, protect their own rights against government injustice and criminality.

There presently exists county-wide resentment against government corruption and runaway taxation. Many people seem to suspect that too many government officials are not exercising their official powers of
discretion in the best interests of the citizens and taxpayers of Mesa County. The 700-person standing ovation given to the "Good-Old-Boy-syndrome" quote and Mesa County's approval of Amendment 4 and Amendment 6 are in the too-recent past to escape memory.

We must remember that the carpet-bagging Good Old Boys and their friends, apologists, and followers, both inside and outside the government and "news" media, are highly skilled in the "art" of politics, and quite clever at composing effective little catch phrases, talking points, jingles, and slogans such as "just vote for the kids," "only a dime a day," "care enough to grow," "doom and gloom are dead," "we've had enough negativity and negative attitudes," etc., etc.

Obviously, the subliminal message intended is that anyone who disagrees with the Good Old Boys is a "doom-andgloomer", doesn't like children, doesn't like poor people or minorities, and/or is opposed to economic development (translated in voters' minds as "jobs") in Mesa County. Who in his/her right mind would vote in favor of "doom and gloom" and/or against children and jobs? Get the picture?!

We have had enough of this sort of deceptive "good-old-boy" propaganda. A negative attitude toward elitism, fraud, and thievery is not only healthy, but prudent self-defense. We do not so much need to attract business to Mesa County from elsewhere as we need to create and promote production and trade from WITHIN the county, thereby pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps. When a business leaves some other part of the country to come here, then production and jobs are lost in another county. The only thing truly gained is the success of the Good Old Boys (on a national scale) in creating an atmosphere in which the taxpayers of America's cities and counties (under "home" rule) have to bid against each other for corporations and so-called "economic experts"
to come to their county and "create jobs" and promote "economic development." We must not allow ourselves to be fooled by this taxpayer-funded musical-chairs form of economic suicide.

Like most other people in Mesa County, we are 100% in favor of HONEST, real, and constructive economic development. Perhaps, if graft, corruption, greed, apathy and ignorance could be eliminated by the education and involvement of us little people and our children, the illusory monsters of "doom and gloom" might just disappear by themselves. That, in turn, might well lead to an era of economic development, education, and prosperity unrivaled in Mesa County's history. Being average, unashamed, run-of-the-mill optimists, we think such a phenomenon would be positively wonderful! Don't you agree?

THE SOLUTION: M.C.C.C. believes that what is needed in Mesa County is a bi-partisan "rainbow" political infrastructure composed of workers in every precinct in both the Democratic and Republican parties. If we neglect either party, the carpetbagging Good Old Boy Gang will throw their money and power behind the remaining party in an attempt to get what they want. (An example of what I'm talking about is when local establishment Republicans voted with Demorats behind the scenes against Shari Bjorkland — who won her GOP primary fair and square — just because she was openly pro-life, which annoyed the local GOP establishment elite.)

THE ISSUE: M.C.C.C. believes the key issue has four related parts:
1. Voter exclusion. M.C.C.C. believes voters ought to be included on all tax increase and public debt bonding questions.
2. The siphoning of public moneys into private pockets. M.C.C.C. believes public moneys should be spent on public projects and not wind up in private pockets in the form of "interest" payments (or debt "service").
3. Accountability of judges. M.C.C.C. believes that, if the constitution is to be truly the "will of the people," then the people have a right and duty to interpret it by directly electing all members of the judiciary (most especially supreme court justices) and lawyer discipline committees.
4. Restoration of honestly representative government. M.C.C.C. is committed to the political defeat of the carpetbagging Good Old Boy Gang in Mesa County.

If we stand exclusively on this one bipartisan issue (total transparency and accountability in government, including the Vestigial Dinosaur MSM), M.C.C.C. can gain the support necessary to achieve our common goals. If we focus on more partisan issues, we will alienate support. After M.C.C.C. has achieved its goals, all citizens will be freer to address other issues as they arise.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Support M.C.C.C. with your time, effort and word of mouth. Get on M.C.C.C.'s email list. Help M.C.C.C. distribute information door-to-door to the voters in your precinct. Help M.C.C.C. raise funding for occasional advertisements. Make copies of this information and give them to your friends and neighbors. Please do NOT send M.C.C.C. or its intrepid webmaster any money. The idea of M.C.C.C. is to show what is possible to accomplish with technology and free speech intead of money. Besides, your humble webmaster is far to lazy to want to keep track of somebody else's money or function as secretary-treasurer for some political action committee (PAC). No, M.C.C.C. is purely free speech, free information, and free networking.

For example, just a hand full of pajama-clad bloggers living in their mothers' basements could render a certain unnamed (they know who they are) brick-and-mortar "journal of record" extinct in a short time by offering services and networking for free, thereby radically undermining the VGM's revenue stream. The VGM "journal of record" — with its multi-million-dollar building, multi-million-dollar press, scores of employees, high utility costs, and high overhead — simply could not compete economically. That's why so many print-media enterprises are radically downsizing or going extinct altogether.

If only 1% of the registered voters in Mesa County would donate $5.00 per month to various ad hoc citizen groups who have networked through M.C.C.C., those groups could afford full-page ads containing detailed information regarding tax and bond related issues. Better yet, they could afford to distribute "boots on the ground" political literature to every registered voter in Mesa County during election seasons, thereby encouraging the grassroots citizenry to attend the precinct caucus meetings where the decisive political action (or inaction) really takes place.

M.C.C.C. is specifically designed to facilitate the election and/or recall of local political officeholders by the grassroots Mesa County citizenry. It is a political reality that if, at the precinct caucus level, you can vote in enough delegates to your party's county assembly, your candidate/s will win local office. It's not all that hard. It's just that most grassroots are unaware of the importance of the process at that level. There have been some years when some precincts had zero attendees at their caucus meetings. That means that if you were the only person at your precinct caucus meeting, you would be your precinct's voting delegate at your party's county assembly. Of course party establishment have changed the rules a bit to facilitate centralization of power and corruption, but it shouldn't ouldn't be all that hard to change the rules back in favor of decentralization and local precinct control.

We in Mesa County are blessed with too many unique resources and talented goodhearted people to waste them on special interests. Let's DO something for a change! Please write today and help M.C.C.C. restore a quality of life and government in Mesa County we can all be proud of.

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