About M.C.C.C.

Phyliss and JohnThe Mesa County Committee of Correspondence (M.C.C.C.), an "early-warning-system"-type of online grassroots news network where citizens could help expose government (including MSM) corruption, was founded by John R. Wilkenson as a grassroots response/solution to the Vestigial Dinosaur Media's (VDM) virtual monopoly on controlling public opinion. Pretty much everything there is to know about John and his philosophy and activism can be found in the "about me" section of his personal information-aggregation website, johnwilkenson.com. (Any details beyond that would fall into the boring "too much information" category!)

Over the years, John has attended numerous grassroots political meetings at various "patriots" houses where a few good folks who thought they knew a lot more than they really did would sit around and occasionally even get into heated arguments about what they perceived as anti-individual-freedom and blatantly unconstitutional (or even criminal) behavior on the part of various politicians and bureaucrats on all levels of government from federal all the way down to state and local.

A few enterprising individuals would do just enough research to be dangerous, then turn that research into seminars and information packets on the U.S. Constitution and various "silver bullet" theories which they could then sell at pay-to-attend seminars. More than one person has ended up in jail for depending on the advice and research of these homegrown "experts".

Two things changed John's life: 1) reading F. Tupper Saussy's soft-spoken book, "Miracle on Main Street" (before which John didn't know it was possible for the U.S. Supreme Court to lie to the American people), and 2) appearing before the Honorable Judge Richard P. Matsch (in U.S. District Court in John R. Wilkenson v. U.S. Dept. of Interior, et al, 634 FS 1265) and having Judge Matsch say, in a very benign and fatherly way, "that's a neat argument, Mr. Wilkenson, but we don't do things that way." Neat argument?! Wilkenson had exhaustively researched the specific point of law Judge Matsch was referring to all the way back to when Moses received the stone tablets. That was when Wilkenson learned about the great unspoken law of the legal so-called "profession": the judge can do whatever s/he pleases. Well, obviously, that changes the citizen-to-government relationship from a binding two-party (rulers and subjects) specific-performance "legal" contract into a no-holds-barred public-opinion contest.

Most so-called "conservatives" or "patriots" don't seem to fully grasp the significance of that cognitive-dissonance-based fact. Nor do most of them seem to understand all the connecting dots of all the innumerable ramifications of that inconvenient fact.

What that means is that all the feel-good rallies and educational seminars in the world don't — indeed cannot — have the desired effect. While such events are good, constructive, even enjoyable and interesting, they are not remotely enough to accomplish the desired results of honesty, accountability and transparency in government. The Good Old Boys in "gubmint" just continue right on unabated with their profitable, unsustainably criminal, patterns of behavior. Hasn't anybody ever wondered why that is so?

The core reason local government Good-Old-Boy criminals get away with their criminal behavior is due to what John Adams described thusly: "All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise, not from defects in their Constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation." (Wilkenson has described the actual mechanics of the money problem in detail on his personal website.)

Basically, it works as follows. The created-out-of-thin-air-as-mostly-computer-numbers money supply is created and controlled by untouchable, unaccountable, mostly anonymous, transnational debt-as-money oligarchs in such as way that the viewed-as-livestock general citizenries of the world are unwittingly required to pay interest on various nations' fraudulent so-called "national debts" for the mere circulation of their various criminal governments' debt-based legal-tender fiat currencies. The immensity of the scam is so inconceivable and subtle that it tends to produce cognitive dissonance in the livestock/citizenry. But there is not enough space to go into detail about that phenomenon here.

So the funny money from the evil magic money tree flows from the top down, and is basically distributed according to level and power of the various recipients' political connections. That's why the arch-criminal global debt-as-money oligarchs depend on all three branches of America's outlaw federal government to keep allowing them to possess the One-Ring of out-of-thin-air money-creation Power. That's why Wall Street gets billions of dollars in bailouts and bonuses while the citizens/livestock pay ever higher taxes — some $7,500/year in the case of Obamacare. That's why the local Good Old Boys need to control local government so they can financially benefit personally from the unsustainable top-down criminal scam they so tenaciously support.

Unfortunately, attending grassroots meetings or holding feel-good rallies where decent folks endlessly talk passionately about "left versus right" or "conservative versus liberal" duopoly delusions don't — can't — remove the local Good Old Boys from local political power. Too many of the citizery/livestock are too naive and too confused. One local citizen said of a man I believe deserves to be in prison, "_____________ (you fill in the blank) is a good man. I dealt with him several times on open records issues. He was always courteous to a fault with the public, yet always had the Commissioners’ back. ____________ and ___________ (you fill in the blank) are going to miss him more than they realize." Good man!? In your humble webmaster's 1st-Amendment-protected opinion, this Good-Old-Boy-snake-in-the-grass so-called "good man" deliberately helped orchestrate the years-long accessory-after-the-fact violations of my brother David's most fundamental state and federal constitutional rights.

The reason such bad things happen is because "politics", at its very core, equals manipulation, which is an inherently unproductive and unsustainable human model. For that reason, many otherwise intelligent philosophical-minded people are inclined to be uninterested in voting. But there are two political truisms which militate against that view: 1) those who refuse to get involved in politics are guaranteed to be governed by their moral inferiors, and 2) you can't replace somebody (in government) with nobody.

So what you have to do to remove local Good-Old-Boy criminals from government office/power is to publicly expose — in sufficient accurate specific detail supported by sufficiently careful and comprehensive legal research and documentation — their criminality to sufficient numbers of the local citizenry to win local elections and/or recalls against the local Good-Old-Boy criminal cabal. That is all but impossible through "normal" media channels when the local VDM wittingly or unwittingly functions as a de facto part of the local Good-Old-Boy criminal cabal.

That is where M.C.C.C. comes into the picture as a 1st-Amendment-right-of-free-speech-based grassroots information network: to make as public as possible what Paul Harvey used to call "the rest of the story".

Intellectually honest whistle blowing is actively and enthusiastically encouraged by the M.C.C.C. At its discretion — (any person who doesn't like that part of it, can make their own website and publish their own stuff; it's a free market universe out there) — M.C.C.C. will publish any reasonably well written account of government (including MSM) criminality, injustice and/or cover up of same. The limit on letters to the editor in the local MSM are usually around 300 words, while the limit on opinion pieces is usually around 750 words. Exceptions can easily be made in cases which are more interesting, complicated and well written. In all cases, the correct name of the author of the piece must be published with the piece. (You may have noticed that the various local reporters and columnists at the various local newspapers usually include their contact information, which seems like the transparent and morally respectable thing to do.)

Without going into too much boring technological detail, each piece published by M.C.C.C. will receive its own page in which it is possible to post hyperlinks to relevant materials, including jpeg and pdf files as well as embedding videos, as demonstrated on this website.

Mesa County businesses with twitter accounts are encouraged to add their names to M.C.C.C.'s Twitter business directory. (It's free! That's all part of what free online information networking is all about!)

More dogs are jumping on the Good-Old_Boy bear of corruption non-accountability and opaqueness every day. The M.C.C.C. train is leaving the station on its way to its destination of constitutional restoration of transparency and accountability in government. All aboard!

Sincerely yours,
John Wilkenson, Publisher & Editor of M.C.C.C.
P.O. Box (in the process of changing)
Grand Junction, CO